Patrick Carolan has been the executive director of the Franciscan Action Network for the past four years. FAN is a Faith rooted social justice advocacy organization representing over 50 different Franciscan institutions nationwide. FAN focuses on immigration, human trafficking, climate change and peacebuilding, including gun violence prevention. In addition to these efforts, FAN also heads up the interfaith money in politics coalition that takes a look at the issue in light of these legislative priorities. In 2013, Patrick was one of the key leaders in organizing the Fast 4 Families campaign for comprehensive immigration reform where he fasted for thirteen days. He has been a leader and frequent speaker on the faith perspective on climate change. During the 80’s and early 90’s he was involved in union organizing. In 1988 Carolan was elected president of the Connecticut State Federation of State Employees. After leaving the labor movement, Carolan became a corporate executive in the managed care industry. In 2004 He and his wife Stella became foster parents and adopted several children in addition to caring for their own children. He is the son of immigrants who came to America in 1950.