Micha Kurz was born and raised in Jerusalem, during the AlAqsa Intifada he participated in the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian land and people, first hand as a soldier. He co-founded Breaking the Silence, an organization of ex-Israeli combat soldiers which aims to expose Israeli society and the world to the realities of occupation. Micha has since moved on and is currently supporting the work of Palestinian activists in Jerusalem as a founder and organizer with Grassroots Jerusalem, developing platforms for leadership, activism and organizing with over 80 community based organizations in over 40 Palestinian neighborhoods. They have opened the doors to a Political Community Centre and Legal Clinic, built to counter the threat on freedom of speech and assembly in Jerusalem today. In a city where there is so much religion there is little room for god, by networking knowledge and experience, Micha supports a growing community looking to not only resist and oppose the Occupation but to suggest and develop practical alternatives to current realities. His focus is not on peace in the Palestinian/Israeli capital, but rather freedom and equality in a potentially international and interfaith open ‘cosmotropolis’ free of racism and oppression. Learning to practice ruthless compassion is now a lifelong journey.