J. Kim Wright's attention is focused on building a new system that works for everyone, one based on the evolving consciousness. She spends most of her time finding the harbingers of the emerging future of law. She supports, connects, and showcases the work of these paradigm-shifters. Kim helps to language and highlight what is going on in the new system, and liaison with kindred spirits in other disciplines: conscious business, organizational development, consciousness, social change, etc. This year, she will work with lawyers on six continents. She coaches lawyers who are building these new paradigm law firms. Kim also consults with court systems, law firms and other legal practitioners, about how to integrate new ideas into their institutions and organizations. She helps companies align their legal documents with their purpose and visions. Sometimes she work with the media, especially on documentary projects. Kim trains in about 30 different topic areas related to the new conscious models and approaches. She is also a writer and has one American Bar Association bestseller Lawyers as Peacemakers. Her second ABA book will come out in September 2015. She states, "I have a big stake in the future: I am a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother."